Differences - Cloud and Web Hosting in detail

Difference between Cloud Vs Web Hosting (Shared Hosting and Dedicated)

 How Web Hosting and Clouding are different from each other has been one of the commonly asked questions,


How Web Hosting and Clouding are different from each other has been one of the commonly asked questions, especially amongst the online fraternity. Hence, decided to write this short note depicting the distinctions between these two entities in context. Before moving on with the intended narrative, would like to point out that the discussion would be comparisons between Cloud and Shared Hosting, a web hosting type that is most commonly used and popular amongst website owners.

First of all, What is Cloud Hosting?

Cloud Hosting is a kind of website hosting service where website files are put on virtual servers that extract their computing capabilities from extensive underlying networks of physical web servers.

It is clearly an alternative to having websites hosted on single servers and is an extension of clustered hosting concepts where websites are hosted on several server resources. Unlike in case of single server hosting, in cloud hosting network of servers from different locations are used to pull out data for hosting.

Cloud hosting definitely offers extremely reliable, secure, scalable and affordable hosting solution, for that it brings in all advantages of cloud computing to the table.

Difference between Cloud Hosting Vs Shared Hosting and Shared Hosting

It is clearly evident that since last 15 to 20 years, internet space has seen a huge surge in the number of websites and visitors to them on the internet. This surge has in parallel seen multiple folds in website hosting requirements, resulting in many companies offering website hosting solutions from shared, dedicated to vps hosting packages. Shared Hosting is one such kind of hosting where a single server will host multiple domains where these websites will share resources such as CPU, disc space, bandwidth, memory etc from this single server. Because of some of the benefits it has to offer, mainly on the pricing front it is also one of the popular hosting package. Since, Shared Hosting is on sharing basis, most of Website hosting service providers run these servers on full capacity loading it with as many websites possible, resulting in downgraded performance for all the websites hosted on it. In case of a downtime on the servers, all hosted websites are down at the same time, unless they have backup server/s running in parallel.

While in shared hosting multiple websites are hosted in one single server, in a dedicated hosting one website is hosted in one dedicated server. Although dedicated hosting offers performance, cost and reliability would still be an issue, when compared to shared and cloud hosting respectively.

In case of Cloud hosting, as we discussed in the first couple of paragraphs, a website is hosted in multiple servers across locations in a clustered fashion. Although, in a cloud based hosting, website files are put on virtual servers that extract their computing capabilities from extensive underlying networks of physical web servers, a website user will not be able to differentiate between the kinds of hosting being used at the background. However, difference in performance can be noticed.

In cloud hosting, it is multiple alien power houses/servers working for your website. It is one giant server with unlimited resources to offer.

Benefits of Cloud Computing Over Shared Hosting

  • Highly scalable – In case of cloud hosting one doesn’t rely on one server, so there is no way one will run out of hardware resources. One can simply resize the instance to get more from the cloud per your requirement.
  • Highly reliable – Clustered Cloud is an interconnected servers where if one server goes down, there are plenty others that take up the task of keeping the website up all the time with no loss in performance.
  • Unlimited performance guaranteed – In cloud, one doesn’t rely on one dedicated or shared server for keeping the website up and running, because of the reason that there is no limit to the resources available, sky is the only limit with cloud. One just has to pay for what he uses.
  • Cost – On the cost front, not much of a difference between the cloud and shared web hosting. With more and more website owners opting out for cloud based website hosting, one can see a significant drop in its pricing in the future.

With the advent of Cloud computing and its application in website hosting space, Cloud Hosting is here to only move ahead with lighting speed.  If you are a website owner with website/s hosted on Shared Hosting, time is ripe to take advantage of all the benefits that cloud hosting has to offer. If you are looking for some affordable cloud hosting solutions click here

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