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How to put up a website on the internet? Its simpler than you think it is

 Have you been wondering on how to create/make your own website and launch it on the internet for


Have you been wondering on how to create/make your own website and launch it on the internet for people to see? If yes, this is the article for you that explain step by step the process of getting a website up. Although this article reasonably goes into a little depth about websites, please note that it is not a tutorial; it is just intended for individuals that are completely new to this arena of websites and stuff. Although we shall make an assumption that you know the space of internet and have browsed through it.  Here we go! Let us discuss the main ingredients and processes that are needed to put your dream website up.

Get a domain name

Every website has a unique name called the domain name. For example, if you see the domain name of this website, it says, likewise it is required for every website to have a name for its own. Domain names can be made up of alphabets, numbers and ‘-‘only, any other special characters are not allowed. If you have thought of a name for your website, then you have to get that name checked for availability and get it registered in your name if available. In the name mentioned above the first part ‘www’ is an abbreviation for ‘World Wide Web’, the second ‘CheapCloudHosting’ is the name of the website and the third ‘.in’ specifies that it is specific to India. Like ‘.in’ there are many others available for every country and generic ones such as .com, .net, .info, .org and others; you can opt for any of these based on your preference.

How to buy domain name/s for website?

Get the name registered with domain registration companies. Here are some of the domain registration services that sell best and cheap domain with easy registration processes – NameSilo, Godaddy, NameCheap, HostGator, BigRock, BlueHost.

Choose a web hosting plan

While domain name gives a website an identity, it’s the hosting space that gives a website space to live and breathe. A website is not active without hosting it website on a server. When you are done registering a domain name, you have to register the domain again with a hosting service provider so that all the content on the website is visible to the entire world over the web/internet. You can purchase the best and reliable hosting plans for your website/s from – Hostgator, GoDaddy, HostingRaja, BigRock and others. Here are some low cost cloud hosting providers

Here is what Hosting does – Web Hosting provides space on a web server for all your website files (that you develop during the 3rd step) to be stored and accessible to the world. When you purchase a website hosting plan you essentially rent server space on a server, from the hosting company, where your website files are installed. So, whenever somebody looks up for your website by entering your domain, a copy of your website files are loaded on to his browser, so that he can perform what is intended from your website. Technology used in the server, its speed, space, bandwidth and other features are some of the factors that decide how best hosting services for your website would be.

Develop/Design the website

Now that you have your dream domain name registered and hosting service plan paid for, its time to get your website developed. In this section / step 3, you will read about getting the website built per your needs. There are two ways to get your website designed and build, one is building all by yourself and the second is hiring a website developer/company to build one for you. If it’s the latter, you can skip this step and give a call to your developer and provide him the domain name and web hosting details. He/she will take up the rest. If you want to build your own website all by yourself, then here are some options you have.

  • Online website builder– There are many free and paid website building platforms that offers ‘Do it yourself’ features for website design and building. Free ones usually offer limited features with limited no of pages. Whereas, paid website building platforms, offered by Shopify, Wix, Weebly, Basekit, Doomby, Jimdo, IM Creator, Mobsyte, Moonfruit, Squarespace and many others provide many additional features. Most of these website building platforms provide many features that include – theme options, drag and drop designs, Social and SEO plugins, Analytics and more. However, websites from these platforms are less flexible when it comes to customization and optimization.
  • Theme based websites – A theme is an already designed and built off the shelf web pages that need some additional tweaking before launching a website. Best part of theme based websites is that it offers plenty of options of themes as per your niche. Themes are available for eCommerce, Blog, Magazines, Coupons, Affiliate, Corporate, Photography, Shops and many other kinds of website. Additionally, themes are available for different website platforms such as WordPress, Magento, Drupal and others. As compared to Online building platforms Themes offer more features catering to all kinds of needs on a website. Check out the  following best theme providers if you think a theme based website suits your requirements – Themeforest, TeslaThemes,Themify, ThemeTrust, MyThemeShop and others.

Conduct testing, correct and launch the website – Test your website and make corrections where ever needed and publish your website.

Hope this small write up has answered your query – ‘How do you make a website’. It is so simple to have a website isn’t it? If you always thought of starting your dream blog, business or Resume website up, now is the time. Take that first baby step towards success.

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