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How to select the right Cloud Hosting for your Website?

 Cloud computing in general brings to the table huge sets of benefits for organizations in their attempt of


Cloud computing in general brings to the table huge sets of benefits for organizations in their attempt of streamline their business process for the reasons that Cloud computing offers agile structure to computing costs, highly reliable, easier and flexible scaling, higher performance, easy access and robust security.

Although, Cloud Hosting has its own set of advantages, it is not guaranteed that all cloud hosting service provider offer everything that you are looking for. Some may offer expensive bandwidth that shoots up even while you do not need it, while others have lesser up-time that the promised ones as they do not have requisite history in operating such infrastructures.  Additionally, some organizations do not simply do not want their confidential and valuable data on the cloud quoting security concerns.

In order to be a recipient of all the benefits that Cloud Hosting promises, it is must for potential cloud hosting services seeks to understand the factors underlying the best clouding hosting services that effectively serve your business requirements. Remember, it is must to have a reliable, affordable, flexible and secure cloud platform for running your business online.

If you are planning to shift your online business operations that you run on your website/s to cloud based hosting for obvious reasons, then you might want to look into the following factors in your consideration list in an attempt to find the best cloud based hosting companies.


Make sure all your security related concerns are addressed because these concerns still pervade the industry and is wide spread. Security should a top priority for you and your cloud hosting provider, so you must to be contented that they are taking suitable measures. Here are some of security measures that you might want to delve into while opting for a cloud hosting plan.

  1. SSL or Secure Sockets Layer – This is the primary layer that protects your data on the cloud. It is in this layer point to point data movement protection is provided by encrypting at the source and decrypting at the location. This kind of first level protection is a must because in Cloud data packets relating your website content move between multiple servers.Ideally look out for cloud hosting companies that offers atleast 128 bit encryption, anything higher is a bonus.
  2. Physical and Digital Security – Physical security means how securely each data centres in the cloud are managed especially on the access control and identity (of employees with access to data centres) management fronts. While digital security subscribes to security offered to timely detect and eliminate malwares and viruses on the servers and data. Check if the cloud hosting organization offers all these security features before making a decision on hosting.
  3. Regulatory Compliance – Make sure the service provider welcomes necessary audits to comply with regulations such as PCI DSS, HIPAA or any other regulatory yardsticks.

After verifying the security aspects of cloud hosting plan put on the table for you, and once your are confident of them, it’s time to move to the second important criteria to pursue before opting for your best cloud hosting service provider i.e. Data Backups and Recovery options.

Data Backups and Recovery

Disaster (natural or manmade accidents) strike without much clue, but when they happen, it is important to mitigate risks to your data on the cloud. Check with the provider on the robustness of their data recovery and back up plans.

Typically, the best ones offer instant auto replication of data in case of system failure. Additionally, features such as data mirroring helps really well, where the cloud hosting automatically mirrored copies of your data across multiple systems to guarantee redundancy and safety.

Also, check on how your data is kept completely isolated from other website owners, especially in case of public cloud. Make certain your data is completely yours and remote from the rest of the customers of the cloud hosting company.


If you have your own or rented infrastructure that you want to be included in the cloud, make sure the hybrid cloud offers common platforms for both your on premises cloud and public cloud work in tandem to effectively coordinate and work as per your performance requirements. Also make sure that you have the option to keep your vital databases are hidden from the public cloud.

Performance promise

Make certain the performance factors such as Uptime, Bandwidth, Disc Space, Website load time etc are as per the SLA  offered by the hosting provider while your purchase. Remember to read the fine print!

Configuration and Monitoring

Easy configuration of email accounts, sub domains etc is a must, checks for what kind of configuration tools are offered. cPanel is one such configuration tool preferred by many for its ease of use. Monitoring tools to administer and track your site’s performance, congregate information, and keep an eye on all your significant metrics should be of concern as well.

Past records of the Cloud Hosting Company

Although it is common for every purchaser to do a background check on the vendor before making a purchase, I shall just take a moment to reiterate the same. Spend a little time to verify the history of the cloud server hosting provider on how they have performed with their other customers. If possible read reviews about them before making a purchase. You can check here for some highly rated cheap cloud hosting providers for your reference


Although everyone is talking about the concept of cloud hosting, recognize that this concept is evolving giving scope to refinement each passing day. This article is all about helping you find the cloud based web site hosting providers that have refined their offering the most.

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