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What is Web Hosting? Types of Website Hosting Services

 Web hosting is a type of internet service provided by hosting companies to create or ‘host’ a website


Web hosting is a type of internet service provided by hosting companies to create or ‘host’ a website for an individual or organization and is made available on the World Wide Web or ‘WWW’. Web hosting providers provide the needed server space that has been ‘leased’ or ‘owned’ by their clients as well as the needed internet connectivity to get everything set up.

To be able to host a website, one should understand how the whole concept works. Everything starts with choosing the best website hosting service for you. Whether you will host it yourself, use a free web host or get premium services with technical assistance is actually at your own choice and capacity.

If you choose to host it yourself, you need to consider hardware, software and labor expenses to sustain your website; however, this will not come in cheap. But if you consider using an internet service provider or ISP, you won’t have to be too conscious about having the fastest internet connection, having the most powerful hardware or worry about security.

Before settling with a hosting service provider, be sure to do the necessary checks about their service. How are the company’s feedback? Do they offer sufficient technical support in case things go wrong? What are the features or packages they offer? Does the hosting provider allows you to create email addresses using your own domain, let you create your galleries or forums, and has an e-commerce option and the necessary control panels? What are their restrictions or limitations? In this case, you will need to determine what type of website you want to build to be able to know what types of services your website will need…

Okay, so you have settled down with hosting a website. But what type of web hosting service will your site require? There are various types of web hosting services you can consider.

Shared Hosting

Shared hosting works by using a single server for multiple websites; whereas, these websites still bear its own domain name despite running from a single server. This is the most commonly used web hosting service typically because it is less expensive particularly for business. But you need to remember that shared hosting is not sufficient enough for websites with high traffic.

Dedicated Hosting

The dedicated hosting type of web hosting caters to a single client who ‘leases’ an entire server. Meaning, the client does not have to share the server with another business. Compared to the shared hosting type, it is generally more flexible because users have the control in choosing hardware, software systems and other factors.

Cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting utilizes an extensive network of physical web servers for its computing resource. The amount clients pay for the service depends on the demand of their website. Clients only pay for the service they use. Typical cloud hosting services are able to deliver tons of benefits and are preferred by of website builders nowadays. Here are some affordable cloud hosting providers for your reference.

Reseller Hosting

In the reseller hosting service, the account owner or the so-called ‘re-seller’ purchases a web host’s service in wholesale and then sells a portion of their bandwidth and space for profit. In this case, the re-seller does not have to be too technical with web hosting because a data center operator will do the complex tasks relevant to the service.

VPS Hosting

Virtual Private Server or VPS hosting is actually a ‘virtual machine’ service sold by an internet hosting service. Users have the capacity to create and configure because VPS hosting is software-defined and it runs on its personal copy of an operating system. A dynamic VPS hosting service is also referred to as cloud server.

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